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From Steven Brown:
30th T/A Organization Administrator

2010 Club Calendar : No Longer Available!

A calendar featuring our club members cars has been created for the 2010 Calendar year! You can pick up your copies for a limited time by following this link. Price is only $17.99.

2010 Club Calendar! Click on the Calendar to purchase!

Custom "Silver 10 Year Anniversary" 2009 Calendar Featuring 30th T/A's Now Available For Sale
No Longer Available!

A calendar featuring unique 30th Anniversary T/As has been created for the 2009 calendar year! You can pick up your copy for a limited time by following this link. Price is only $17.99.

Map of 30th T/A Owner Locations (10-31-2006)

A map has been created that allows owners of 30th Anniversary Trans Am WS6s to see where other owners are located. You can view this webpage at 30th T/A Owner's Map. Thanks to "Bad30th" for setting this up!

Collectible 30th T/A Casino Chip
No Longer Available!

Brian Watts, owner of car #1509, has contacted a casino chip maker and had a replica chip of our cars produced. The chip costs roughly $5 and is very realistic. Contact Brian @ his website to order one! Feel free to order more then one.

30th T/A Organization Looking for Sponsors

The organization is looking for potential sponsors to help offset the cost of running the site. Please contact myself @ email for pricing and information. Thank you for your interest.

1/64th Johnny Lightning 30th T/A Hitting Stores
Old News!

Johnny Lightning has just released a 1/64th scale diecast edition of the 30th T/A. The car is one in a series of "Classic Gold" and should be under $5.00. The car should be shipping beginning in December and hitting stores such as Meijer, Walmart, and Toys R Us soon thereafter. Tom Gormon and his car, #316, were used to help the creation of this project with Johnny Lightning. A picture of it located here.

New 30th T/A Diecast Out
Old News!

Recently, Yat-Ming Diecast released a very good diecast 1:18th scale version of our 30th Anniversary T/A WS6. The model is very accurate and is the best out so far. The model is roughly $20 and can be found for sale on various diecast sites on the internet. You can view more pictures of this diecast here on our site located here.

Diecast 30th T/A Available Now
Old News, Still Available!

Finally a 30th Anniversary diecast reproduction is available. It is not the most accurate model ever made; as the rims are not blue and the door emblem is out of proportion, but at least it is something. The Exoticar 1/24th scale model was released in late 2000. The price is roughly $9.95 and shipping. The part number is #73232. Visit their website at Exoticarand do a search on on part number. A picture of it located here.

Production Number Breakdown

A complete list of production numbers including the total breakdown of all available options has been obtained, thanks to help from Pontiac and PHS. They are up on the site in the production numbers section and are pretty interesting!

Information Needed

I'm looking for any documentation regarding 30th T/As. If you have information concerning pace cars, normal production cars, or any of them contact us. Also, looking for production numbers, vin numbers, or breakdown of options!

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